The Gift Every Teacher Would Love To Get

As a Mom it is always hard to come up with gifts for my kids teachers at the end of the school year, especially with four kids! You always want to find that unique gift that your child’s teacher will LOVE and and doest take you FOREVER to create. 

Since it is almost the end of the school year (again) we have come up with some great CUSTOM gift ideas featuring our homemade Regatta Totes. We have a great selection of Ready Made Regatta Totes available in our ETSY Shop for $25. 

Regatta Bag Tote collection


Ready For the Beach Kit

Hit the Road Kit

Summer Reading Kit

  • Regatta Tote
  • Books
  • Gift card for more books
  • Coffee Mug
  • Coffe or Tea

Relaxation Kit

Use a Regatta Tote and saying Thank You with a smile!

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