The Facebook Struggle

Facebook has been driving us crazy and we want to tell you why! For the past few years Facebook has been a great tool for us to connect and to really get know our customers. We posted all of our products and ideas and we would alway get so much love and feedback! We loved to be loved. Well Facebook went and changed how you, our fans, could see our page. Now they charge us inorder for out posts to be “promoted”. No small business can afford to pay $5 to $10 to promote each post. So we have 821 fans and only about 100-250 see each post me make. We have been asking our selfs how do we overcome this to still have a personal connection with our customers. We do have a solution. It is more work for us and will only take a few minutes of your time.

1. We are blogging more! I, Maggie, honestly hate blogging and Tiffanie doesn’t have time for it, but we are doing it. Why? Because we have control over the content and who sees it. So your part in this is to subscribe to our blog. Just submit your email address on left sidebar and then you will be notified of all our posts.

2. Newsletters! Thank you to the 97 fans who have signed up for our newsletter! We appreciate the love. So if you haven’t sign up, sign up. You can do so at We promise not to Spam you. Our goal is to send out a newsletter every few months and capture upcoming events and sales. Newsletter subscribers will always be the first to receive all news on Hero Bag sales.

3. How to beat Facebook. Head over to our page and like our photos and leave us some love. By interacting with our Page, out posts will appear more often in your news feed! The second thing to do on Facebook is to create an interest list. So click interest on the left side bar and then interest list, create new list, name your list and add us to it! Simple, huh? You can do this to all your favorite business.

Thank your for taking your time and reading this! We love our customers and just want to keep everyone informed of the happenings at R2R Designs. You can read more about this over at this blog.

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