Superheros, Backpacks and Cancer

What little boy doesn’t love Superheroes and Airplanes!

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This Superhero Themed Flight Suit backpack is going to a 6 year old boy named Brayden. Last year, Brayden was diagnosed with stage 3 kidney cancer and had to undergo chemo. As he went through treatment, friends sent him care packages to help cheer him up and make his days a bit happier! Since he loves all things aviation and superheroes, we think this backpack is a perfect fit for him!

There is a little bit more behind Brayden’s story then just his fight against cancer. Brayden’s dad, 2nd Dave Mitchell, was killed in an F-16 crash in 2008, just prior to Brayden’s birth. As a military family, we know the pain of a lost loved one. So we also want to give a big shout out to his mom, Kristi, and send her lots of hugs and support. We have never met her, but know she is a true Superhero!

Over the past few months, numerous people have banded together to show support for Brayden and his mom, to include airmen around the world shaving their heads to show support. Christina Park contacted us back in April about making a bag for Brayden. Of course we said yes, and we are glad we were able to squeeze it in to our schedule so that it was ready for his first day of Kindergarten!

After we completed the backpack we learned that Christina has never met Brayden or Kristi, but has been organizing care packages from her husband’s squadron and others at Luke AFB, for Brayden during his treatments! How cool is that!? Thanks Christina for being an awesome person!

Brayden just finished his chemo treatment, and all labs and surgeries have been looking great! He is even getting his hair back! That is the kind of news that we like to hear.

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  1. Mary BartolottaAugust 27, 2014 at 10:53 pm #

    Thank you for your wonderful gift to this little boy. I am pretty sure he was thrilled with his new backpack and. I imagine he was the envy of his classmates!!

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