Frequently Asked Questions

Can I send in my own lining fabric?

Yes you can! Depending on the Hero Bag you have chosen below is the amount of fabric you should send in.

Flight Suit

  • Diaper Bag 2.5 Yards, Diaper Bag Set 3 Yards
  • Tote Bag 2.5 Yard
  • Purse 1.5  Yards
  • Messenger Bag 3 Yards
  • Backpack 2.5 Yards

Hero Bag (ODU, NWU, ACU, etc)

  • Diaper Bag 2.5 Yards, Diaper Bag Set 3 Yards
  • Tote Bag 2 Yards
  • Purse 1 Yard
  • Messenger Bag 3 Yards
  • Backpack 2.5 yards

Where do I mail my uniform?

R2R Designs
43925 Swift Fox Drive
California, MD 20619 

How long does it take to create my bag?

The current estimate is 6-8 weeks from the time we receive your uniform.

My Hero Bag is well loved, can you replace the lining fabric?

Yes, we can. For the below prices, plus shipping, we will take your bag apart and replace the stabilizer, lining fabric, to include the pockets, and zipper.

Hero Purse $55
Hero Diaper Bag $80
Hero Tote Bag $70
Hero Messenger Bag $80
Hero Backpack $70

I have had my bag for a few years, can you add a long adjustable strap or stroller straps to it?

Yes but do to the lose of integrity of the bag when we take it apart the ligning fabric must be replaced. To add the strap you will be charged for the straps and hardware plus the prices listed above. This is the only way we can ensure that your bag will as strong as the day it was first made.