Reminder: We are a Four Man Show

As a reminder, while we strive to get as many bags done as possible while maintaining the high quality of our products, we are only a four person shop (Tiffanie, Maggie, one uniform seam ripper, and one seamstress). Some days, life and sick kids take priority over productivity! We are in the process of completing a batch of 11 bags, and then have another batch of nine bags to finish prior to Tiffanie’s move in June. We thank all of you for your patience, your understanding, and for sticking with us! We hope that the business’ relocation to Southern Maryland this summer combined with the lack of a waitlist in August when we resume operations will lead to a faster turn-around time on bags. If you currently have a bag in production and have a question about the timeline, please do not hesitate to email Maggie at Thank you.

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