{New} Stroller Straps

You ask for it and it will come! Many of our products came from the customer having an idea for something they want and then we run with it and taddah! This story is true for our newest diaper bag option! Stroller Straps. Our client had a diaper bag with straps and wanted it on her Flight Suit bag. No problem. We went one step further and made Remove Before Flight Stroller Straps. AMAZING!!!! They are perfect. There is even a pocket on the top side of each gusset to store them when not it use!

To go one step further, They Remove Before Flight Stroller Straps were insperations for a totaly new product! Remove Before Flight Pacifier Holder! Cute Cute Cute!

The Stroller Straps are avaliable for an additional $20 for all diaper bags. Please let us know if you have any cute saying  ideas for the straps on ODU, NWU etc!

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