Meet Pamela

Introducing the newest member of R2R Designs, Pamela.

Pamela is our version of the 1940’s Pin Up Girl with her sailor whites to pay tribute to R2R Designs’ two branches of the military that are near and dear to our hearts. Both the Navy and the Coast Guard wore white uniforms in the 1940’s when the Pin Up Girl was at its peak.

Owners Tiffanie and Maggie first met at a Panera Bread in 2008 when Maggie spied Tiffanie’s own Hero Diaper Bag and it seemed fitting that their newest member of the team be named for that day. Thus, Pamela was born and now she doesn’t go anywhere without her very own Hero Bag. As it is her reminder of the one she loves who is off flying for our country.

Big Shout Out to Tegan Brozyna for designing and painting Pamela!

Pamela Pin up Girl

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