How it Works

Step 1: Choose Your Bag

Choose what type of bag you would like (I.e.:  Diaper Bag, Tote Bag, Messenger Bag or Purse) and what ‪uniform you would like it made out of. You may send in whichever uniform you choose. If you are ordering a messenger bag or a diaper bag set we require a FULL uniform set. A FULL uniform set consists of either a flight suit or a blouse and pants from a working uniform (ODU/NWU/BDU’s).‬ If you do not have a uniform to send in, we do have a limited number of ODU’s and Flight Suits available for an extra cost (please ask for pricing). ODU pants or similar fabric in NWU, MARPAT or ACU designs are available for an additional $10. Please note that if planning to order partial uniforms or extra fabric for use with your provided uniform, the colors may not match exactly due to natural fading of the provided uniform.

Step 2: Choose Straps

Choose the straps you would like for your bag. The two strap options are webbing or cloth. Webbing straps are standard on all bags. Solid Black webbing is used on diaper bags and black with silver accent on totes and purses. The Cloth strap option is an extra $10 and includes two straps made from the uniform. For $5 more,  we can add  buckles to the  cloth straps for an alternate look.  Also a long adjustable strap is available for an extra $15. For $30 you can choose to have two cloth straps and the longer adjustable strap. The adjustable strap is standard on all messenger bags. The Remove Before Flight Strap is only available for flight suit bags. Please note that Cloth Straps can only be done on a diaper bag or a tote bag made from ODU/NWU/BDU bags when a FULL Uniform is provided, however the Hero Purse doesn’t require pants for cloth straps. Again, ODU pants are available or ODU/NWU/MARPAT/ACU fabric can be ordered for an additional charge of $10.

Step 3: Choose Lining Fabric

Select the lining fabric from the drop down menu. Please go to our fabrics to view all of the choices.

Step 4: Add to Cart

Step 5: Add Velcro for Patches

You can purchase velcro to place additional patches on your bag or to replace the existing velcro on you flight suit. Patches such as name tapes and US Coast Guard tapes will remain sewn on to the uniform.

Please check the velcro on your Flight Suit if planning to use what is already there! If your velcro is not real “tacky” and/or is fraying on the edges, then it will need to be replaced. You can replace the “loop” velcro on your Flight Suit for an additional charge of $12 (which includes the name patch, station/squadron patch (Rectangle for USCG/Circle for all others), American Flag, one side arm patch and both strips for the waist straps). If you are not sure of the quality of your Velcro, let us know and we will evaluate it once we receive your uniform.

Step 6: Choose Your Extras

Please choose any of the items below that you would like included in your bag for an additional charge: Feet for the bottom of your bag: $10, Key Chain Clips: $5, Diaper Bag Set (Includes the Hero Baby and Changing Pad): $25

Step 7: Check Out  and Sending in Uniform

Pay via PayPal or check and then send in your uniform. We estimate the wait from the time we receive your uniform until your bag is shipped will be 6-8 weeks.  *** For all orders placed between November 1st and Jan 1st: We will taking a break in December for the Christmas holiday. All orders placed during this period will be placed on hold during our vacation and will be finished in January, thus probably taking longer than 8 weeks to complete. Thank you for your patience*** Please include a copy of your receipt and note any special instructions when mailing us your uniform. Please mail your uniform to the following address:

R2R Designs

California, MD 20619

Standard Features on all Hero Bags

Zipper closure and 5-8 inside pockets. Rank can be included on the zipper’s pull tab free of charge if desired. Outside Pockets: Hero Tote and Diaper Bags; two side outside pockets, and backpocket. Back pockets are either made using the ODU, NWU or BDU collar as a flap or with no flap at all. Flight Suit Tote and Diaper Bag: Two side pockets and leg pocket on back of Bag. ‪Outside pockets are not an option for the purse. Please email Tiffanie with questions.

All bags are shipped priority mail.

Payments Accepted: Cash, Check, Credit Card and PayPal.