Friends and Diaper Bags

We had the amazing opportunity to make TWO diapers bag over the last few month for  two of Maggie’s  best friends from the Naval Academy, Daphne and Diane.   All three ladies were on the crew team together at the academy and created a bond that would last a lifetime!

IMG_1517{Throw Back Photo to Second Class Ring Dance in 2006}


After graduation, Daphne went to Harvard Medical School and is now completing her residency in ER medicine before she heads back to the Navy as a doctor next year. She had a nice 8 year break from the Navy life!

Diane became a SWO (Surface Warfare Officer) and did a tour on a destroyer before heading to nuclear power school. She ended her naval career stationed on the USS Enterprise as nuclear power officer!  Diane got out of the Navy last year and now follows her husband, who is a submariner, around.

It was natural that we would create Hero Diaper Bags for both of them when the time. As in traditional Daphne and Diane fashion, they share the same birthday along with a love for dunkin donuts coffee, among many other things, they  both had their first babies two months a part!

Now about their bags!

Diane’s bag is our classic Hero Diaper Bag. Made from her NWU top with her husband’s Dolphin Pin sewn on below her SWO pin. (He gives Maggie crap for that! He believes Submariners his pin should be on top!. It is lined with a custom submarine  print fabric!

Diaper Bag001

Daphne’s bag is as unique as her and reflects the civilian life. Made from a navy blue corduroy that is embroidered with miniature Zebras and lined with colorful polka dot fabric. It is beyond cute and practical!

2014-01-28 15.58.40




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