Flight Suit Purse- Camera Bag Edition

Camera Bag 4

Calling all photographers! Have you been looking for your perfect camera bag? Look no further!

Introducing our new camera bag! Modeled after our Hero Purse design the camera bag is slightly deeper than our standard Hero Purse to comfortably and securely store your DSLR camera and equipment!

But wait, the bag gets even better! The camera storage area is removable leaving behind our classic and well loved Hero Purse! Its a two for one! Send us one flight suit (or ODU) and you get two bags! This is better then those tv ads where you buy the product and then they give you a second product for free!

So we know what you are thinking. What are the dimensions? How much is it? How do I order?

The Camera Purse is 14 inches x 10 inches x 6 inches

The Hero Camera Bag starts at $120

You can order it here. Be sure to read the HOW IT WORKS page on how the ordering proccess and wait list works!

Camera Bag 3

Camera Bag  2

Camera Bag 1


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