Fall Favorites and a Link-Up

Hi! It’s Maggie here. We’re doing something new this month:  linking up with fellow ETSY shop owners from the Homefront Team. The topic of conversation is our favorite thing about fall. Make sure you read all of their posts and check out their shops while thinking of your favorite thing (link at the end)!

fallbike(Image from October County Inn)

So, my favorite thing about fall? Hmmm… Biking. Yes, definitely Biking! Biking and enjoying the fall leaves. Having lived in Northern VA, and now living in Southern MD, there are tons of great local rides along rolling hills that are lined with tons of beautiful trees. The only bad thing is that if the roads are a bit wet, the falling leaves can be quite dangerous. My husband is very aware of this. Two years ago he crashed his bike going downhill from a wet road onto a wooden bridge. As he rounded a corner to go over the bridge, he hit some wet leaves and crashed. Bleeding, and with a broken thumb, he managed to ride the 6 miles home, clean himself up, and then drive himself to the hospital. A few stitches and a splint for his thumb later, and he was alright. He did, however, have a permanent thumbs up for a few weeks!

brike fall

Besides the wet leaves, the fall is just such a beautiful time to ride. Plus, the cool weather is such a relief from riding in the summer heat. Less sweating is always good!

Next weekend we are hitting Sky Line drive in Shenandoah National Park for a ride in the mountains. It is supposed to be spectacular this time of year. Hopefully the tough climbs don’t distract me too much from the scenery though!

Now, what is your favorite part about fall???


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  1. GuinivereSeptember 17, 2014 at 1:24 pm #

    NOVA and Southern MD are definitely pretty this time of year; although I would have to say most of the East Coast from VA up is beautiful in the fall 🙂

    Thanks for sharing your story with us!

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