Designed by a mom of four

Mom knows best. One reason that our baby items are so popular is because they are so practicable. The diapers bags have pockets galore in the right place for a parent on the go, the Hero Baby makes not taking the whole diaper bag possible, and the burp cloths are oversized. We had one dad comment on how much he loved our burp cloth becuase unlike others they covered his whole shoulder and kept his clothes clean!

The latest item to get our mommy makeover is the changing pad. Our design worked, looked cool with the uniform fabric but was a pain in the rear to sew. To many layers plus it was bulky. So the drawing boards were hit and we now have a new design that make us very happy and will make you even more happy. The new design is only two layers, waterproof PUL and fleece. It’s thin and soft and practical. The other great feature is that it fold up and fits into the Hero Baby or any pocket of the Hero Diaper Bag. Don’t worry it is still over sized.

Take a look at the pictures below and see how thin it is and how nicely it folds up.

Changing Pad Fleece Side Up

Folded in half




The folded Changing Pad is still thin!


The folded Changing Pad fits nicely into the Hero Baby

Already have a Hero Diaper Bag? Don’t worry you can purchase the changing pad and/or Hero Baby today!!!!!!!

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