Meet Maggie

Good Morning. I’m honored to get to write a blog entry for r2rdesigns. I met Tiffanie two years ago, and actually all because of her ODU diaper bag. I was at Panera Bread when I noticed her and some friends and her Bag! So I decided to go say hi and tell her that I loved her bag. She gave me her business card and I ended up ordering three purses for some friends. That was the start of our friendship. I am also a Coast Guard Wife and I am also in the Navy and fly the P-3 Orion. While on deployment last year I created for Tiffanie. A few months ago I created her this blog and her Facebook page. I like helping her out however I can. I have become a great seam ripper and enjoy helping her come up with new ideas. I’m sad to see Tiffanie along with another close friend of ours, Becca, move to Colorado, but I am extremely excited to be able to help continue helping r2rdesign and Tiffanie by being the order collection point in Jacksonville and continuing to maintain all web-based assets.  If you are in the JAX area and are placing an order and need to give me uniforms to send in, you can contact me at

Me sitting as the Navigator/Communication in the P-3 Orion

Tiffanie Becca and I at my wedding last Jan. (photo by the talented Rae Leytham Photography)

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  1. TiffanieJune 13, 2010 at 8:20 am #

    Thank you Maggie for all of your hard work and fabulous ideas! I love having your support, and appreciate everything you do to help me and my business grow. You ROCK!!!

  2. BeccaJune 17, 2010 at 9:49 pm #

    You do rock Maggie! I will miss you too. You are an awesome friend and you do a great job with the websites.

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